Day: January 12, 2022

Our monthly update on all that is going on in the Pachiverse,
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Basic Attention Token

Binance Coin stuck some bagholder for some unconfirmed, so Augur managed few moon since Bitcoin froze few cold wallet in lots of algorithm.

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Exchange tickets into Gift Cards or *Premium Prizes and once players collect enough in their Premium Prize collection, they have the capability to sell them back in the marketplace to redeem items for cash.

*disclaimer – minimum of $100 in Premium Prize collection is required to be able to redeem cash prize.

Firstly your gameplay can help you get to the top 10 of the leaderboard where you can win exciting prizes weekly.

Secondly, you earn Pachi Tickets during your gameplay and these are housed in your ticket wallet at the end of each game.  

Keep earning your Pachi Tickets to exchange for more Pachi Balls to extend your gameplay or exchange them for rewards on Pachi Exchange

Play Arcade to build your skill or Pachi City mode where you unlock 12 Levels of fun and multiple mini-games.
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Arcade, City Levels and mini-games

Tips and Tricks

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Pachi+ has implemented additional FREE Pachi Ball giveaways for Android and Apple players, you can earn up to 50 FREE balls per day by watching 5 videos. (not available on browser)

Another way of collecting FREE balls is to follow us on Social Media for weekly Pachi Ball giveaways, by answering the fun questions correctly in the comment sections with your display name and by sharing posts, our friendly customer success staff will load up your account with additional balls.

Pachi Claw is another way to collect more balls, you are guaranteed additional balls when you play this mini-game.